Our Menu

Dhoop re-defines Indian and North Indian cuisine through innovative, deftly presented food with the flavour, depth with an atmosphere for you to enjoy with light music and theme you will love. Sourcing the finest ingredients and exclusive spices, Dhoop presents a remarkable range of tastes, flavours and spices that appeal to all the senses.

Dhoop Starters

Indian Flatbreads £3.50
vegetable stuffed flatbreads with chutney
Asparagus & Spinach Kebabs £4.95
green tawa kebab with tamarind chutney & yoghurt
Jhinga Mirchi £6.50
spicy schechwan king prawns on crushed peas with lemon & yoghurt sauce
Bathak Ki Chaat £6.50
mild spiced duck chat with orange & pineapple
Haddock Ki Tikki £4.94
delhi style smoked haddock cake with green chutney
Scallops Jeera Wali £6.95
cumin flavoured seared scallop, tomato salsa & green chutney
Paneer Luhusani Tikka £6.25
garlic panner tikka from the clay oven (add £4.00 for main)
Murgh Malai Tikka £6.25
creamy chicken tikka from the clay oven (add £4.00 as a main
Murgh Tikka £6.25
spicy chicken tikka from the clay oven (add £4.00 for a main course)
Tandoori Murgh £6.25
spicy chicken on the bone from the clay oven (add £4.00 for a main course)
Kali Mirchi Squid £5.50
black pepper squid from the clay oven (add £4.00 for a main course)
Lamb Sheek Kebab £6.50
minced lamb kebab from the clay oven (add £4.00 for a main course)
Cod Basil & Lime £7.95
from the clay oven (add £4.00 as a mian course)
The Platter (for 2 to share) £13.50
Spinach & Asparagus Green kebab, paneer pakora, fish pakora,Vegetable Samosa , chicken skewers, fresh dips & salad

Dhoop Vegetarian Mains

Green Tawa Kebab (V) £8.95
asparagus, spinach, crushed peas, coriander & taramind dip
Soyabean & Rajma Kathi Roll (V) £8.95
sauteed soyabean, kidney beans, pepper, onions rolle din crispy roti, green chutney & dips
Tofu Ki Curry (V)£9.50
stir fried vegetables, basmati rice, tomato & garlic sauce
Paneer Baigan (V) £9.95
mustard tempered scrambled paneer on grilled eggplant, stir fried rice & masala sauce
Amratsari Chickpeas & Broadbeans (V) £8.50
tea flavoured chickpeas, broadbeans & yoghurt curry with fenugreek leaves & pilaf rice
Paneer Makhani (V) £8.25
tandoori grilled chunks of paneer in tomato cream based sauce
Paneer Kadhai (V) £8.50
tandoori grilled chunks of paneer in onion based gravy with peppers & onion petals
Tandoori Sabji Ka Salan (V) £8.95
mixed tandoori grilled vegetables in chef’s special sauce
Paneer Matar (V) £8.50
paneer & green peas cookes with onion & tomato masala sauce

Dhoop Fish Dishes

Ajwaini Seabass £13.95
seabass seared with ajwain indian herbs, puy lentils, green beans, cocnut & mustard sauce
Atlantic Cod Pakora £8.95
sauted chilli flake potatoes, tarka peas & salad
Jhinga Mirchi £11.95
mumbai style king prawns in hot tomato, garlic sauce & chilli
Prawn Saagwala £10.95
king prawns & spinach cooked with garlic & ginger
Goan Fish Curry £10.95
medium spiced fish curry in coconut sauce

Dhoop Chicken Dishes

  1. Grilled Chicken Breast £9.95
    honey, lemon & thyme grilled chicken breast in the tandoor, with lemon bombay potatoes/rice & tomato sauce (£11.95 as Sizler)
  2. The Real Indian Chicken Curry £8.50
    authentic chicken curry with a combination of spices & fresh marinades
  3. Murgh Makhani £8.50
    tender chunks of chicken leg fillets in rich tmato, honey, cream & fenugreek sauce
  4. Murgh Kadhai £8.95
    tandoori chicken tikka, roast peppers, onions & whole spices
  5. Murgh Lahsuni £8.50
    tender chunks of chicken leg fillets, fresh garlic flakes & hot tomato & chilli sauce
  6. Murgh Malai Tikka Zafrani £10.50
    cream cheese marinated murgh tikka with saffron, cocnut, ground cashew nuts, melon seeds & a rich sauce
  7. Saag Chicken £8.95
    chicken chunks with spinach, ginger, garlic, onions & tomatoes
  8. Chicken Dopiaza £8.50
    boneless chicken leg fillets cooked with onion petals in onion masala sauce
  9. Chicken Madras £8.50
    hot chicken curry
  10. Chicken Tawa Masala £10.50
    dry chicken cooked on the pan with whole spices in onion sauce
  11. Chicken Zeera Masala £9.95
    chicken chunks tempered with roast cumin

Dhoop Lamb Dishes

  1. Rump of Lamb £14.95
    authentic lamb curry with broad beans, red onion chutney & pan curried juices
  2. Lamb Rogan Josh £10.95
    slow cooked lamb chunks with garlic, ginger, onions & kashmiri chillies
  3. Lamb Kadhai £10.50
    authentic lamb curry, with whole coriander seeds, roast peppers & onions
  4. Rarra Ghost £10.50
    chunks of lamb and minced lamb cooked with ginger, garlic and north indian spices
  5. Gosht Saagwala £10.50
    lamb chunks cooked with spinach, onions, ginger, garlic & tomatoes
  6. Lamb Korma £10.50
    chunks of lamb cooked in a mild sauce
  7. Lamb Jhalfrezi £10.50
    lamb diced with onions, peppers & a rich onion & tomato masala sauce

Dhoop Game Dishes

  1. Venison £13.95
    orange & ginger slow cooked wild cheshire game bourginon with saffron rice Dhoop Steak Dishes Three Pepper Rub Flat Iron 28 Day Matured Sirloin £17.95
  2. Sauteed chilli potatoes, wild mushrooms, sundried tomatoes & whole indian mustard sauce (as sizler dish £18.95)

Dhoop Desserts

  1. Chocolate & Basil £3.95
  2. hot chocolate cup pudding & vanilla ice cream
  3. Home Made Rice & Saffron Pudding £3.50
  4. Almond Icecream with Amaretto Biscotti £3.50
  5. Orange Sticky Toffee Pudding £3.50

Dhoop Breads, Rice, Extras

  1. poppadum & chutney £1.75
  2. tandoori roti £1.50
  3. plain naan £1.75
  4. chapati £1.25
  5. plain paratha £1.25
  6. stuffed naan/parath tandoori £1.95
  7. garlic/keema/onion/aloo/peshwari (sweet)/cheese naan £2.20
  8. saffron pilaf rice £1.95
  9. stri fried rice £2.95
  10. egg fried rice £3.95
  11. keema rice £4.25
  12. vegetable biriyani £4.95
  13. lamb biriytani £6.95
  14. chicken biriyani £5.95
  15. onion bhjai £1.95
  16. sauteed green vegetables £2.95
  17. dal tarka £4.50

Drinks Menu


  1. Vina Arroba Blanco – Galicia £13.50 Spain
    Glass 175ml £ 3.50
    Glass 250ml £4.75
    Deliciously fresh white wine, full of crisp apple and juicy pineapple flavours.
  2. Chenin/Chardonnay – Diamond Bay £14.50
    South Africa
    Lovely clean and crisp with melon fruit.
  3. Grub – Njiro £15.50
    Grillo is the signature white grape of Sicily. Fruity and Flavoursome, a real treat with some of our exotic dishes
  4. Pinot Grigio Trefili — Cantine San Marziani £16.50
    Light peachy fruit with gentle acidity.
  5. Sauvignon Blanc – Casa Azul £16.50
    Super quality wine with passion fruit and gooseberry with generous acidity.
  6. The Seafood Wine – Barbadilbo £17.50
    Especially created in the Cadiz Region of Southern Spain on the Atlantic Coast, to go with its delicious seafood Also the ideal partner for light meat dishes and salads.


  1. Cava Grand Bach — Brut £19.50
    Spain’s finest sparkling wine, well developed and very fruity.
  2. Cava Grand Bach — Brut Rosé £22.50
    Made in the traditional method, showing light red berry flavours.


  1. Jean-Paul Deville — Carte Noir — Brut £39.00
    Hand crafted by Jean-Paul with grapes from his own Vineyards.
  2. Jean-Paul Devilie — Tradition Rosé £45.00
    An elegant Rosé Champagne with delicate strawberry fruit.


  1. Vina Arroba Tinto — Galicia £13.50
    Glass 175m1 £ 3.50
    Glass 250m1 £ 4.75
    Soft easy drinking dry red, full of delicious ripe fruit.
  2. Shiraz/Cabernet — Diamond Bay £14.50
    South Africa
    Full flavoured with ripe cherries and a hint of spice.
  3. Nero D’Avola — Njiro £15.50
    Nero is Sicily ‘s speciality grape. It is full-bodied, big flavoured and great with red meats and spicy dishes.
  4. Merlot — Casa Azul £16.50
    It Soft berry fruit and chocolate with a silky smooth finish.
  5. Rioja Tinto — Albergarda £17.50
    Classic Rioja, velvety, smooth with plums and berries with a touch of vanilla
  6. Pinot Noir — Sepia £19.50
    Delicious Pinot with layers of forest fruit and summer pudding flavours.


  1. Zinfandel Blush £14.50
    Glass 175ml £ 3.75
    Glass 250ml £ 5.00
    Packed with berry fruit and strawberry flavours.
  2. Montesierra Rosé £16.50
    Light, elegant dry style, with good fruit and acidity.